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Bianchi makes some of the finest riding bicycles on the planet! Whether you want a road or mountain bike that torches your competition, or a versatile city bike that makes getting around pure joy, you'll enjoy cycling even more on your new Bianchi!


We’ve all thought about it: why not ditch the car? Queue lustful dreams of that two-wheeled warrior physique; breezy, free commutes sans road rage; and a righteous high-five from Captain Planet.

Right around that world-saving fantasy is when real life knocks: maybe your office is too far and you don’t want to get too sweaty before your nine o’clock meeting. And of course there’s that hill on Market Street. There are often barriers to getting out on two wheels, but the right electric bicycle can sail right through them. Whether you’re longing for an electric mountain bike to tackle terrain that might otherwise be too challenging, or a slick commuter e-bike to carry you through rush-hour traffic, there’s an option just for you. Technological advancements have made electric bikes some of the most efficient people-moving devices, period. And that’s before you even factor in the fun of riding a bike! Whatever hurdles stand between you and a go-by-bike lifestyle, an e-bike might be just the thing you need to toss the car keys aside for good.

The modern e-bike emphasizes the bike part of its name, creating a true cycling experience that adds variable amounts of assistance to the power you create yourself. These systems are usually either cadence or torque sensitive, so they automatically engage once you put the “pedal to the metal,” so to speak.

Modern pedelecs deliver a smooth, natural riding experience. So that tricky hill? That long commute? The electric bike makes quick work of these, turning a problem into a fun adventure. Perhaps you’re just not the spring chicken you once were and a long, hilly ride is out of the question on a traditional bike. The electric motor doesn’t remove exercise from the ride: it helps riders of all ages and ability levels go further and faster, even while tackling tough terrain.

Road Bikes

Road Bikes

Fast, responsive, and light. These bikes will help you ride 50 miles with ease, or just have fun in a group ride.
Mountain BIkes

Adventure Bikes

Blaze new trails and go beyond where the pavement ends on these versatile bikes. 

City Bikes

Women's Bikes

Designed by women for women, these bikes will fit you and your needs.

Mountain Bikes

Built to handle any terrain, these bikes will take you into the mountains and back with ease.

City Bikes

From the Beltine to your job these bikes can handle anything the city throws at them.

Comfort Bikes

Combine fitness and fun with one of these laid back bikes. 

Kid's Bikes

Kids Bikes

From riding to school to young racers, we have bikes for every kid.

Women's Bikes

Cargo Bikes

Commutes and errands runs are a breeze on these workhorse bikes. Bring the kids along for the ride!

Single Speed

Single Speed

Looking for a bike for the velodrome? Or just a simpler single speed bike for around town, single speed bikes have you covered.